Market Kitchen Basics for Teens 6/9/2016 6:49 AM - By Diane's Market Kitchen
a week long exploration

This series was designed to introduce the basics of cooking technique and building flavor profiles. Each of the first four classes will focus on specific ingredients and technique. For your final you will design and prepare a four course meal to share with the guest of your choice. Below is the basic format, however, it is flexible based on the interests/needs of the group. Open to individuals ages 12-18

Class 1 - Tarts and Tears: Sweet and Savory Tarts and the Onion Family.
This ingredient is one of the basic building blocks of flavor for virtually every cuisine on the planet. We will work with as many of them as I can find.
Class 2 - The Grain Drain: Explore the variety and uses for grains, from salads to desserts.
One of the oldest forms of plant life that have been nurtured and hybridized for food for thousands of years.
Class 3 - So Now What? How to take a single protein and prepare it three different ways
This is to help you understand how a single protein can be used with various cooking techniques, spices and sides to create variety and interest.
Class 4 - This trip to Pike Place Market will introduce you how to shop locally and seasonally
One of the keys to great food is to begin with great tasting ingredients, you'll meet some of my vendor friends and enjoy a sampling of their products.
Class 5 - Show me the Kitchen: The class prepares and dines on the lunch of their choice
So many times in the past I heard from participants that they have shared stories of the kitchen with their friends and families. This is your chance to demonstrate "what I learned in class today" :-)
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